May 26, 2020 – Port of Toledo: Then and Now

WYANDOTTE at the C&O Coal Dock

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City of Toledo Portrait

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Loading Coal, ca. 1910

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Toledo Shipbuilding Company

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Ott's Boat House at Walbridge Park, ca. 1900

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Champlain Crashes into Fassett Street Bridge, April 5, 1957

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Prins Frederik Hendrik Unloading, May 29, 1952

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The Anderson's, July 1965

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US Steel Layup, April 10, 1971

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Previous Images from Port of Toledo: Then and Now

All images from:
Great Lakes Historical Society Collection at Bowling Green State University
Historical Collection of the Great Lakes at Bowling Green State University
Personal Collection of Paul C. LaMarre, III
Library of Congress
Toledo Lucas County Public Library

We want your help! 

We are planning to have a “now” photo that corresponds with each “then” photo to put up in the Fall of 2020.  Are you a photographer, do you want to help with this project?  Please contact us at to see how we can best use your skills to complete our project.

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