Glass Bottles Loading on ASHLEAF at Hills and Pound Dock – Aug. 2, 1949

Glass Bottles Loading on Ashleaf at Hills and Pound Dock – Aug. 2, 1949

Toledo Ohio, known popularly as the Glass City, has a long history of glass manufacturing, starting in 1888 when Libbey Glass moved its manufacturing facilities to the city.  Companies such as Libbey Glass, Pilkington North America, and Therma-Tru have long been a staple of Toledo’s resource economy, shipping glass products all over the world.  Here, a Canadian vessel, Ashleaf,  is loaded with pallets of glass bottles at the Hills and Pound Dock.  The cranes, so helpful in loading the cargo, were added to this 1903 boat (originally J.S.Keefe) in 1942.

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