EDWARD B. GREENE, Maiden Voyage – 1952

Edward B. Greene, Maiden Voyage – 1952

The Edward B. Greene was built in Toledo, Ohio by the American Ship Building Company in 1952. Click here to see a launch at the Toledo Shipyard. The Greene was the first vessel on the Great Lakes to be built entirely in dry dock, instead of being launched and then completed while floating. The vessel was 647 feet long and 70 feet wide and could carry about 20,000 tons of cargo. The image shows the maiden voyage on July 29, 1952.

During the winter of 1974-1975, the Greene was lengthened to 767 feet long, increasing the capacity by over 5,000 tons. During the winter of 1980-1981, the Greene returned to Toledo and was converted into a self-unloader. The vessel is still sailing today as the Kaye E. Barker as part of the Lakes Shipping Company, a division of Interlake Steamship Company.

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