Big Lucas and Little Lucas Postcard

Big Lucas and Little Lucas Postcard

The color postcard above shows the two gantry cranes that belong to the TLCPA, “Big Lucas” and “Little Lucas”

From the back of the postcard: Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority’s two heavy-lift gantry cranes. “Little Lucas” can load 72.5 tons onto the deck of a ship and 56 tons into its hold. “Big Lucas” can lift 110 tons on the deck and 80 tons into the hold. The two giant gantries can also work in tandem.

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  1. Tom Eggers
    Tom Eggers says:

    Ohh those were the days! Spent many hours working at the tip of “Big Lucas” while we boilermakers – Don M., Bill S., Gary A., Bill M., too many more to name – would remove the too-tall spars on the down-bound ocean goers to load grain. Big’s operator…wish I could remember his name – he was the best!..great guy…would swing our gear into place and grab the spar to be set on the dock awaiting the loaded ship; then days later we repeat the process in reverse as A’hoy she sails away with American grain !! GREAT MEMORIES
    We worked for Henry Merce; then Manitowoc Marine

  2. Carrie Sowden
    Carrie Sowden says:

    Dear Mr. Eggers,
    Wow – it sounds like you have some great stories! If you ever want to share more about your time working with Big Lucas, please contact us about possibly putting your memories together for an article in our journal Inland Seas.
    Thank you for leaving a comment and sharing your knowledge with us! We hope you will continue to visit every couple weeks as we add to the exhibit.
    Carrie Sowden – Archaeological Director, NMGL

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