Loading Nets at Madison Avenue Dock – Mar. 24, 1948, 8:45 am

Loading Nets at Madison Avenue Dock – Mar. 24, 1948, 8:45 am

This image shows fishermen at the beginning of their day’s work, loading fishing nets at the city owned docks at the base of Madison Avenue on March 24, 1948 at 8:45 am. Historically, Lake Erie produced the widest variety of commercially important fish on the Great Lakes and in significant quantities. Each year, Lake Erie typically produced at least one third of all Great Lakes commercial fish, sometimes producing more than the other 4 lakes combined. Toledo was home to many commercial fishing outfits, including the Toledo Fish Company, Judy Fish Company and M. Hosko Fishery.


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  1. Ellen Kennedy
    Ellen Kennedy says:

    The Army Corps of Engineers did several reports on the Port of Toledo over the years listing all of the docks and wharves in the port, who operated them and what their cargo was. According to the 1939 report, the Judy Fish Co. owned a dock between Vine and Walnut Streets. Vine Street is no longer there, but it was between Cherry Street and Walnut Street, where the WTOL Channel 11 Station is today.

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