Canoe Carnival at Walbridge Park – 1920s

Canoe Carnival at Walbridge Park – 1920s

The land for the first Toledo public park was purchased in 1871.  That initial spot was known as Lenk Park.  In 1895, after adding additional acreage, it was named Walbridge Park in honor of Horace Walbridge, who was instrumental in beginning Toledo’s park system.  A boat rental, Ott’s Boat Livery, opened in 1898 and offered row boats and canoes.  An amusement park was built in 1899.  By the 1920s, Walbridge Park was Toledo’s favorite park, where all kinds of activities were taking place.

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  1. Dave Wobser
    Dave Wobser says:

    Walbridge Park is further up river than shown on you map. I was born and raised just 4 block away from the park.

  2. Carrie Sowden
    Carrie Sowden says:

    Dear Mr. Wobser –
    You are correct! This was a mistake on our part. Walbridge Park doesn’t appear on our map, we will be making a edit to better show the correct location.
    Thank you for leaving a comment and sharing your knowledge with us! We hope you will continue to visit every couple weeks as we add to the exhibit.
    Carrie Sowden – Archaeological Director, NMGL

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