Toledo Yacht Club Flood February, 1936

Toledo Yacht Club Flood February, 1936

This photo shows a flood at the Toledo Yacht Club in late February, 1936.  The Toledo Yacht Club is among the oldest yacht clubs in North America. It was founded in 1865 with the name Toledo Boat Club when two rowing clubs, the Undines and the Naiads, joined together and turned their attention to sailing.  The Toledo Yacht Club was incorporated on October 3, 1885.

Research into historic events can be hampered during a global pandemic.  The internet has many good resources, but there is still a lot of information missing – or wrong.  We cannot find more information about this flood without access to original primary documents.  But, we can make some guesses.

The Toledo Yacht Club sits on an inlet near the mouth of the Maumee River.  A lot is changing weather wise at the end of February – this flooding could have been localized to this inlet during this time due to a backup of ice-flow out into the river.  While we haven’t found information on a flood in 1936, we do have an image of the U.S. Naval Reserve Armory also flooded at this time and it is located on the same inlet.

Of note in the picture – in the background, across the Maumee, you can see multiple ships laid up for the winter at the Toledo Frog Pond. (Click here to learn more about the Toledo Frog Pond)

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