US Coast Guard Toledo Depot, 1945

US Coast Guard Toledo Depot, 1945

The image above shows the US Coast Guard Toledo Depot in 1945. Built as a buoy tending depot in 1938, the station was a processing point for enlisted personnel during World War II.

Although its official birth date is in 1915, the US Coast Guard can trace its lineage back to the earliest days of American history. Starting in 1790, Congress created a series of agencies to enforce shipping laws and tariffs, maintain lighthouses, inspect and document ships, and rescue victims of shipwrecks. In 1915, two agencies – the Revenue Cutter Service and the Lifesaving Service – were combined to form the US Coast Guard. Later, the Lighthouse Service and the Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation also were merged into the Coast Guard to further its mission of ensuring the safety and security of our nation’s waters. Today, the US Coast Guard is a key agency in the Department of Homeland Security.

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  1. Sean D Bergman
    Sean D Bergman says:

    As an Auxiliarist in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, this is an awesome photo to see!
    It definitely is nice to see how the station was then, and be able to compare it to how it looks now.

    Very Nice indeed!

  2. Carrie Sowden
    Carrie Sowden says:

    Dear Mr. Bergman,

    Thanks for the note. Don’t forget, this is a two part series, and we will be looking to get some “Now” photos to display in the fall. Hopefully you can help us out with a Coast Guard Station photo.
    Carrie Sowden
    NMGL Archaeological Director

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