OAKGLEN Passing through MLK Memorial Bridge

Oakglen Passing through MLK Memorial Bridge

With the skillful assistance of a Great Lakes Tug, the Canadian Steamship Line (CSL) Oakglen is seen effortlessly passing through the Cherry Street drawbridge. The gearless bulk carrier was constructed in 1980 by N.V Cokerill Yards located overseas in Hoboken, Belgium as a saltie working for Federal Nav Ltd under the name Federal Danube. A gearless carrier is a vessel that is absent of cranes, conveyors and any loading/unloading equipment. Vessels such as this rely solely on shore-based loading and emptying systems. 

In 1994, she had her first name change after being switched over to Bay Ocean Management operating under the new name, Lake Ontario. CSL purchased the vessel in 2009 giving her the name she has today, Oakglen, it was then that CSL turned this saltie into a permanent freshie.


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