Falcon Cup Race 1942

The Falcon Cup was first introduced in 1938 by Mentor Harbor Yachting Club’s former Commodore Richard (Dick) H. Bostwick, naming the prestigious race in honor of his auxiliary gaff-rigged yawl, the Falcon. An auxiliary vessel primarily uses wind and sail to propel the ship, but has a motor to assist in certain situations, such as docking or an emergency. Commodore Bostwick designed a lengthy race around auxiliary sail vessels, like his Falcon, with the idea the the crew could use the motor in limited ways

Each ship is given a handicap before the race according to skill and vessel size to keep it as fair as possible. The race is a 25.6 nautical mile-long course beginning in Rocky River, near the clubhouse of Cleveland Yacht Club and ending at the docks of Mentor Harbor Yachting Club. The 1942 Falcon Cup was the fifth annual invitational. The Falcon Cup continues today with the last one held on August 12, 2023. 

There is a tradition where the  participants catch a bag of ice when approaching the Mentor Harbor docks. Legend has it that the first racers of 1938 ran out of ice for their drinks since there were no mini-fridges or boat coolers then and demanded ice on the way in!

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