Cleveland Yacht Club

The Cleveland Yachting Association, known today as Cleveland Yacht Club, was founded by yacht racing icon George W. Gardner in 1878. George served as the Club’s Commodore from 1879 to 1894. In 1888 Gardner officially filed papers to incorporate the club, renaming it to Cleveland Yacht Club (CYC). This exhibit displays two official burgees of the Club. The older version is cotton, and the newer version is synthetic nylon – a durable and longer-lasting material. 

CYC’s first Clubhouse was built on the shore of Lake Erie in the Old Case Block on Superior and East 3rd Streets. In 1895, the Club found a new home and moved to the East 9th Street Pier where they remained until 1914. The Club’s final move took place on November 29, 1914, following a merger with Lakewood Yacht Club (LYC). The CYC Clubhouse was transported by a barge to Rocky River Lagoon where the CYC and LYC Clubhouses joined together. In 1963, CYC decided to tear down the Clubhouse in Rocky River and completely rebuild a new one. Today, that Clubhouse remains, along with its burge flying high at the Clubhouse and members’ vessels.  

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