Western Lake Erie Star Boat Champion

The Western Lake Erie fleet, formed in the 1900s, is similar to the Southern Lake Erie Fleet, as a conglomerate of yachtsmen from various clubs who travel internationally to compete in Star boat races. 

During the Inter-Lake Yachting Association’s annual regatta in 1923, the WLE fleet had their Star Boat Championship races. The series was broken up into three days running the same 17 mile short triangular course. The race began in Put-In-Bay with the first marked buoy off the western shore of Middle Bass Island, rounding to the second marked buoy, a couple miles offshore from South Bass Island, then rounding back toward Put-In-Bay. 

Over the duration of the race, points are earned based on performance, skill, and final placement. After the three days, the points accumulated are tallied and a winner is declared your champion. However, this year was a bit different in determining its champion, the winner was decided based on the first race, due to participants failing to show for the second and third races. Thus, Commodore Baldridge of Toledo Yacht Club, in his vessel Polaris, was the 1923 Western Lake Erie Star Boat champion.

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