Schoonmaker Scavenger Hunt

Who’s Spiffy?
Spiffy is a dog that helps us take care of the Col. James M. Schoonmaker Museum Ship over the winter, with the help of his assistant Flip the Ferret. Spiffy is named after a dog that belonged to the Wilcox family. They were the winter caretakers on the Schoonmaker for many years when it was still sailing. The Wilcox family sometimes had ferrets on board as well. Lake freighters sail during the spring, summer and fall, then layup in one place over the winter, with a caretaker to watch the boat.

Where’s Spiffy?
While they were taking care of the Schoonmaker, Spiffy and Flip traveled all over the boat. Explore the Schoonmaker during a visit or use our virtual tour ( and see if you can match the images below with their location on the Schoonmaker.