Know Your Ships book signing 12 - 3 pm

Meet the Editor & Publisher of “Know Your Ships” at the National Museum of the Great Lakes

The National Museum of the Great Lakes looks forward to welcoming Roger LeLievre, the editor and publisher of the “2024 Know Your Ships: Guide to Boats & Boatwatching on the Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Seaway.” Join us on Sunday, June 9, from 12-3 pm to get your author-signed copy of the latest edition (available in soft cover and spiral-bound versions) and engage with the expert behind this comprehensive guide.

 “Having a maritime expert like Roger engage with our visitors enhances the experience for the beloved boat nerd community and provides a unique opportunity to dive deeper into the world of Great Lakes shipping,”  said Ellen Kennedy, Director of Museum Operations at the National Museum of the Great Lakes.

“Know Your Ships” is an essential guide for both casual boat watchers and serious enthusiasts of nautical commerce. This edition provides vital statistics for hundreds of vessels, including freighters, tugs, barges, Coast Guard cutters, cruise ships, and saltwater visitors. It also offers insights into the cargoes they carry, their loading and unloading processes, the locks, canals, and waterways they navigate, and the meanings behind their whistles and stack markings. 

In addition, the event will feature a special appearance by renowned cartoonist and illustrator Don Lee. Lee is offering personalized freighter caricatures to visitors and signing copies of his children’s book, “Boats Can’t Jump.” Don Lee Signature Series stickers and magnets featuring the Col. James M. Schoonmaker Museum Ship and the Museum Tug Ohio will also be available for purchase and signing.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to meet LeLievre and Lee, and to enhance your understanding and appreciation of the vessels that navigate the Great Lakes. For more information, visit our website at