Laying the Groundwork: The Second Wave Expansion Progress

More progress is underway at the National Museum of the Great Lakes during our Second Wave construction project. Currently, our construction team is busy completing the foundation, marking a significant milestone in our 5,000-square-foot expansion.



The foundation work involves the installation of caissons, a robust and reliable foundation method used in deep water or soft soil conditions. This process includes large, watertight cylinders that are sunk into the ground and filled with concrete, creating a stable base for the new structures.



Once the foundation is set, we’ll move on to the structure of the addition. This new space will significantly enhance our museum’s accessibility and offerings, featuring:

  • Dedicated areas for temporary and traveling exhibits
  • Brand new permanent exhibit spaces
  • A warm and inviting community education center

We’re thrilled about the opportunities this expansion will bring to our visitors and the community. However, we still need your support to reach our goal. We are approximately $1 million away from completing this project. Your contributions can make a difference.

Learn more about the Second Wave campaign and donate today to help us create a richer, more accessible experience for all who visit the National Museum of the Great Lakes.

Together, we can build a stronger foundation for our shared history.

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