Second wave progress report

Building the Future of Great Lakes Conversations

The foundation of our future is in progress. We’re excited to update you on our Second Wave expansion journey. This initiative marks a significant step in enhancing our storytelling, educational outreach, and coverage of vital topics related to the Great Lakes. As we strive to become the gathering place for all Great Lakes conversations, the progress on our new building is a testament to our vision and commitment.

Currently, our construction partner, Lathrop, is diligently preparing the grounds for the first layer of the foundation. This crucial step is essential for ensuring the stability and longevity of the new 5,000 square foot structure. The foundation will consist of two robust layers, providing ample support for the building and all the activities it will host. This phase of the construction process is expected to take approximately six weeks.

Laying the foundation

Building the New Structure

Once the foundation is complete, we will move forward with the construction of the new building. This exciting phase will bring us closer to realizing our vision of expanded space and enhanced capabilities. The additional space will allow us to tell more stories, offer more educational programs, and explore a wider range of topics, including environmental impact, economic development, recreational enjoyment, and much more.

Enhancing Our Impact

Our Second Wave expansion is more than just adding space; it’s an investment in the future of the Great Lakes community. We are creating a place where people can come together to learn, discuss, and celebrate the rich history and ongoing significance of the Great Lakes. This new space will enable us to host more events, exhibitions, and programs that inspire and educate visitors of all ages.

How You Can Help

As we continue our journey, we are still working towards reaching our $6 million goal for the Second Wave project. Now is the perfect time to get involved and contribute to our growth. Every donation, no matter the size, brings us one step closer to achieving our vision. By participating in our public capital campaign, you have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the museum and the community it serves.

Donate now

Donors will also have the chance to receive various gifts as a symbol of our appreciation. For those interested in making larger contributions, there are special recognition opportunities available. Please contact Sara Smith at for more information on how your generosity can be acknowledged.

Thank You for Your Support

We are incredibly grateful for the support and enthusiasm from our community as we embark on this transformative journey. Stay tuned for more updates on the Second Wave expansion, and thank you for following along with our progress. Together, we are building a brighter future for the National Museum of the Great Lakes and the countless stories waiting to be told.