Brown Trophy

This third-place award flag for the Brown Trophy is a special one within our collection due to it being presented in the first year the race was held in 1943. The race was named in honor of Dr. Hugo Otto Brown who sponsored the race and was the recently elected Commodore of the Vermilion Boat Club. The course was a 35-mile long stretch from Put-In-Bay to the clubhouse of VBC. The race occurred at the end of the annual Inter-Lake Yachting Association held at Put-In-Bay and the finishing line of VBC marked the beginning of the annual South Shore Regatta held in Vermilion, Ohio. It is unknown who took home this third-place flag, but the winner of the 1943 Brown Trophy was C.B. Seifert of the Toledo Yacht Club in his vessel Wind Song. This race continued into the late 1980s and is no longer held today.

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