Vermilion Boat Club

This flag is not the official flag of the Vermilion Boat Club, however, their burgee is seen at the very center. The official burgee is of a blue border, red field, with large bold white letters spelling out VBC. The club was founded on June 27, 1913 by F.W. Wakefield and Tom Ball, who served as the club’s first Commodore from 1913 – 1916, in 1917, F.W. Wakefield became its second Commodore. 

This flag has two features that may hint at its creation. The first is the three vertical stars on the left along with the anchor behind the burgee. That formation  is used specifically for a past commodore. The second feature includes the years 1917 & 1967 in the upper and bottom right hand corners stating a fifty year gap. 

The club started in 1913, and F.W. Wakefield lived until 1969, so what 50 year period is being honored here? If you know what this flag was created for, please reach out to us at

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