Wyandotte Yacht Club

In 1951, a group of yachting enthusiasts formed the Wyandotte Yacht Club, in Wyandotte, Michigan. The next order of business for the new Club was to secure a clubhouse. WYC contacted their neighbors, the pre-existing historic Wyandotte Boat Club, to lease a portion of their land for a clubhouse to be built. Through the WBC’s support, WYC’s goal was reached.  

After more than forty years, a decision was made within WYC’s organization to purchase a plot of land for a new clubhouse. In 1997, WYC bought the River’s Edge Marina in Ecorse, Michigan, making the location their new home. Through their members’ hard work and dedication, the new clubhouse opened on February 14, 1998. For a time the Club operated as a traveling Yacht Club, going wherever they desired. Unfortunately, in the fall of 2021, the Wyandotte Yacht Club ceased operations for good and donated its remaining funds to the Yachtsmen’s Fund to help educate, challenge, and inspire future generations of boaters to come. 

This burgee is unique in that it is not symmetrical in shape – a trait not seen anywhere else in this exhibit.

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