S & E Shipping

Henry Steinbrenner III was a visionary in the Great Lakes shipping industry. In 1957, he inherited the Kinsman Transit Company which his grandfather founded in 1901. In the 1960s Steinbrenner merged Kinsman with American Shipbuilding Company after becoming the majority investor. To continue his hold in the shipping world, Steinbrenner acquired a major interest in the S&E Shipping Corporation in 1975 and rebranded the corporation as S&E Shipping, Kinsman Lines. The S&E Shipping Corporation flag is a seven-and-a-half-foot-long blue rectangular flag with the simple design of “S – E” in white. S&E remained in operation for a short period of time ending around the mid-1980s, the same time that Steinbrenner closed the Lorain Yard of the American Shipbuilding company and relocated the company operations to Tampa, Florida. 

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