Pringle Barge Company

This five-foot-long swallowtail flag belonged to the Pringle Barge Company. This exhibit has previously covered Pringle and its company flag on March 15th. This time around, it will cover the flag companies that were asked to make them. This specific flag was made by the Annin Flag Makers which has been in business since 1847. Today they are known as All of their flags are made with 100% cotton and built to withstand extreme weather conditions, something the lakes know all too well about. It is unknown what company made the flag in the first posting, but by comparing the two in their making and overall style it was made by a separate flag maker. Both flags are a swallowtail type, but one has a smaller v-cut than the other and the center square/diamond is also of different size and relative shaping. This was a possible outcome when two separate companies were asked to make the same company flag, they were given the style, design, and dimensions, but the finished product varied. 

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