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Morrow Steamship Company

During the first World War, vessel transport of raw materials was at an all-time high to assist the war effort. As a result of the increased need, established companies formed new subsidiaries to meet the demand. This three-and-a-half-foot-long swallowtail flag flew for the Morrow Steamship Company, a subsidiary of Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Company,  formed in 1916. Cleveland-Cliffs formed the Morrow Steamship Company to participate in the coal trade, an essential fuel source for the steel industry for planes, naval vessels, tanks, and other overseas military applications. After the War ended, Morrow Steamship Company continued its operation for Cleveland-Cliffs until 1926, when it was then purchased by Valley Camp Coal Company. The Morrow fleet operated for Valley Camp until 1935 before switching to the Columbia Transportation Company due to a merger deal between Columbia and Valley Camp. The final year of operation of the Morrow Steamship Company was in 1954, when Oglebay Norton purchased the various fleets of Columbia Transportation Company, including Morrow, and ceased all operations under the Morrow name. 

Be sure to check in later to see the Paisley Steamship Company flag and learn about its history and tight connection with the Morrow Steamship Company. 

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