McGarvey Memorial Series

The McGarvey Memorial Series was an annual race held on Lake Erie that first began in 1948, exclusively for the star class boats. The McGarvey Memorial Series was a three-day event, with one race occurring on each day. Each race ran the same route but with a new day comes new weather patterns and conditions. The racers knew this would force them to develop and adapt their racing strategies to ensure a good placement when crossing the finish line. When competitors did cross the finish line, points were awarded by their position. When the last race was completed, the points were tallied bringing a final total to determine the first, second, and third-place victors. 

In 1948, first place was awarded to Mr. Miller in his Star boat Scout II with a final score of 57.25 points. Second place was awarded to Mr. Wakefield and his crew member Mr. Schubert in their Star boat Dickery from the Southern Lake Erie Fleet, with a final score of 47.25 points. Wakefield and Schubert squeaked ahead of third place by 0.25 points. Although Wakefield placed second in the Memorial Series’ first year, he came back for redemption in 1949 taking home first place in his same vessel, the Dickery. The McGarvey Memorial Series continued for nearly fifty years when its last series was held in 1997. 

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