Labrador Steamship Company

In the 1960s, the Labrador Steamship Company was organized as a subsidiary of Pickands Mather and Company of Cleveland to create a presence in Canadian Shipping. The vessels were initially managed by Sutcliffe Shipping Ltd, but eventually, Labrador opened its own office in Montreal.

The Labrador Steamship Company flag consists of one vertical blue stripe in the center with horizontal stripes of red, white, and red on the right and left of the vertical blue stripe. The flag in the NGLM collection is seven and a half feet long. In the 1960s, the Labrador Steamship vessels shared Interlake fleet colors, but there was no fleet name or corporate logo on their bows and on the orange stack band there was the black outline of a circle, with a black letter “L” inside it. 

By the early 1970s, Labrador had sold off its ships to Algoma Central Railway, meaning this flag was only used for less than 15 years. Due to this short career, photos of ships flying this flag are difficult to find. If you know more information and want to help locate photographs, contact us at

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