West River Yacht & Cruising Club

The Detroit River stretches over 40 miles connecting Lake Erie to Lake St. Clair and serves as a hub for multiple yacht clubs. Positioned on the west bank of Grosse Isle, located at the entrance of the river from Lake Erie, is the community of West River Yacht & Cruising Club (WRYCC). Founded nearly 60 years ago, in 1965, the WRYCC originated as the West River Yacht & Country Club. Quite a few boating clubs around the Great Lakes are associated with the links. Check out our previous entry about the Bay View Yacht Club who has their own private course. 

From the mid-1970s to the early 2000s, WRYCC faced multiple hardships including losing their facility at Grosse Isle and in turn saw windling numbers in their membership. Grosse Isle took over management of the property and opened the Waters Edge Country Club. Despite all of this, the club continued to engage in activities by holding monthly meetings and events along the Detroit River. 

In 2002, WRYCC returned to their roots at Grosse Isle, becoming the official yacht club of Waters Edge Marina, an extension of the Waters Edge Country Club. In recent years, in 2019, the club moved its headquarters to the restaurant Smokies on the Water at the country club. Today the club continues to grow with approximately 100 active members, holding many activities, events, and outings. 

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