Vermilion Power Boats

Powerboats were introduced in the late 1880s, rising in popularity throughout the early and mid 1900s. Large manufacturers and the tinkers in their home garage or sheds, constantly made improvements to engine performance, with this came the need for speed and the thrill of racing machine vs machine. Powerboat enthusiasts across the Great Lakes began to form clubs to share their interests with others. One of these clubs is the Vermilion Power Boats (VPB) of Vermilion, Ohio. The club was incorporated in 1956 after a band of boaters purchased Lee’s boat yard in the Vermilion Lagoons. To appeal to the social aspect of boating, VPB Inc, founded a subsidiary club, the Vermilion Power Boats Yacht Club in 1983. The subsidiary club is a member of the Inter-Lake Yachting Association and has an extensive social calendar that includes club functions and meet-ups.

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