Sun Parlor Boat Club

To the east of Fighting Island on the Detroit River, in Ontario, Canada is the Sun Parlor Boat Club (SPBC), a tight-knit power boating community organized in the late 1960s through the efforts of a small group of outboard racing enthusiasts. Over the years these ideals have shifted, focusing on the social aspect and enjoying the splendor and leisure the lakes have to offer.

Originally, SPBC operated out of Park Haven Marina, and in February 2009, the group relocated to Holiday Harbour Marina, in LaSalle, Ontario, Canada. There, they built a new clubhouse made entirely of wood to serve as a home to its members. The club continues to grow today, attracting new members excited about the thrill of speed and activities the lakes have to offer. 

The SPBC burgee is one of the few Canadian yacht club flags in our collection at the National Museum of the Great Lakes.

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