Sandusky Sailing Club

On August 4, 2024, the Sandusky Sailing Club (SSC) will be celebrating its 92nd anniversary, marking its founding in 1932. Prior to its inception, many mariners of Sandusky opted to dock their boats at the local Sandusky Battery Park Marina, east of Sandusky Bay and south of Cedar Point on Lake Erie. In 1932, dock managers of the marina decided to significantly raise the prices of dock fees from 25 cents per foot to 60 cents! This certainly wasn’t pocket change. In a fit of outrage, sailors of Battery Park parted from the marina and set out to form the Sandusky Sailing Club. 

Upon its founding, the SSC had 44 members, led by its elected Commodore, Carl Miller. For the first year, the club acted without a clubhouse. In 1933, the club leased a section of land from the city of Sandusky, east of Battery Park, and built a one-room shack with help from volunteers and donated materials, facing their old marina. In 1938, the club added an extension to the structure providing bathrooms, a kitchen, and a meeting room, later doubling in size in 1949. 

Over the coming years, SSC had steadily grown in its membership, and the clubhouse needed to expand once again. After negotiating a long-term lease in 1978, it was decided that a brand new clubhouse was better suited. In April of 1980, a new brick building facing the Sadler Sailing Basin replaced their previous home. SSC continues to grow today and is an active club in the yacht racing community and the Inter-Lake Yachting Association. 

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