Port Clinton Yacht Club Star Class Champion 1933

The Port Clinton Yacht Club (PCYC), in the western basin of Lake Erie just north of the Portage River, has been around for over a century!The founding members saw that land in 1907, in a low marshy area as the perfect place to have a site for boating and water fun for them and their families. The problem was that the land was owned by the federal government and contained a small building that was used to build scows. It took until 1914 to talk the government into thinking about letting them lease the property.

The lease was finally signed on December 7, 1915. The building that used to house a shop to build boats was retrofitted to a clubhouse. When that building was torn down later for a new clubhouse, it was found to have been built on one of the original barges (scows), which acted as a foundation. Eight years after signing the lease, PCYC was able to purchase the land outright for $6,500.

Like many other clubs in the Lake Erie basin, PCYC held races, and one of those was for the Star boat, the sail vessel that has been previously described in this exhibit. The Championship Star Boat Race was run in 1933. The club has continued to grow and make sure their property is available for fun and sun for their members.

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