Lorain Yacht Club Star Class Race

The Lorain Yacht Club’s history begins in 1906 as the Black River Power Boat Club (BRPBC) positioned at the mouth of Black River in Lake Erie, Ohio.After two decades, the BRPBC transitioned into the Lorain Yacht Club in 1928. For over half a century, the Lorain Yacht Club flourished at this location participating and holding various events, regattas, social gatherings, and races, such as Star Boat races in 1940 and 1942. In 1996, Lorain Yacht Club merged with the neighboring Lorain Sailing Club to form the Lorain Sailing and Yacht Club (LSYC). In 2019, the LSYC merged with Westlake Yacht Club to form the Lorain Harbor Boat Club carrying on the names and traditions of its preceding clubs.

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