J.C. Goss Trophy

The J.C. Goss Company has been in business since 1878 manufacturing flags, tents, high end fabrics and sails for vessels across the Great Lakes. The Company has been affiliated with the Inter-Lake Yachting Association since the early 1900s running ads in their programs promoting their business. It seems likely that the owner, Joseph Charles Goss, was an active member of one of the affiliate clubs of the I-LYA and funded this trophy race starting in 1922. 

The first time the J.C. Goss Trophy race was run in 1922 the race was for the Class A Universal boats; a light weight, 15 foot boat with a single mast and jib sail. The following year in 1923, the vessel class changed to the Class A Cabin Cruisers; a sail yacht with an enclosed area. The next bit of evidence of the race was in 1938, the year this flag was awarded for the Star Boats. It was this year when Star Boats became the standard class for the trophy race. The trophy race was then held irregularly before becoming a memorial trophy race beginning in 1948. While the J.C. Goss Trophy is no longer run, it once had fierce competition when sailed. 

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