Anonymous Journal from ANNE HENRY – 1867

This appeared in Inland Seas Vol. 76, Summer 2020


It is Sunday and I think of my darling little
wife all the time.  Does not want to tell her
that he is on the lake in a vessel or she
would feel so anxious about him.  If his
Lipsie did not love and trust him she would
think her Davy had left her for good, but
she knows how her Davy loves his little wife
better than anyone else in the world ever
loved his wife and when he comes home he
will try and make up for his absence by
being so very kind and loving to her. He will
be just as loving and tender and press her
to him so gently and lie on bussies close lyse
and length wise and put his arm up on her
shoulder when she sits in lap to go to sleep.
He thinks will both be quite happy then it
grieves him to think of her all alone working
hard. Every night going to bed all by herself
and going to the post office day after day
and no letter, would write and tell her
what he is doing but she would be so anxious
and worried about him.