Shell Canadian Tankers, Ltd.

The Shell Oil Company has been in existence since 1907 branded with the bold yellow and red clam shell. Their presence is seen around the globe and made their mark on the Great Lakes in 1932 hauling petroleum products to the various ports across the Great Lakes operating under the name Shell Oil Company of Canada. The Shell company started with two tankers, the Lakeshell and the Peter G. Campbell, which were owned and operated under a majority-owned subsidiary named Dominion Tankers Ltd. In May of 1940, Shell Canadian Tankers, Ltd. was incorporated as a private company wholly-owned by Shell Oil. The following year Shell Canada Tankers, Ltd. ended its relationship with Dominion Tankers Ltd. by purchasing the two tankers falling under complete ownership of Shell. Since then, Shell Canadian Tankers, Ltd. has operated a dozen vessels on the Great Lakes, each of them branded with the clamshell logo on the smokestacks and their flags like this six-foot rectangular flag.

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