February 1 – Port of Toledo: Then & Now Exhibit

Oil Spill Training

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St. Clair Fire

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Rescue Demonstration

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Ice Rescue

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Buoy Removal

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W&LE Swing Bridge House

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Gradel Dock with G-Tugs

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Big Lucas in the 21st Century

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Previous Images from Port of Toledo: Then and Now

All images from:
Larry Clapper
Carrie Sowden
Toledo Lucas County Port Authority
Danny Woodcock
Christopher Winters
Ellen Kennedy
Ashley Ankney
United State Coast Guard
The Blade
Interlake Steamship Co.
Don Lee
US Navy
Ring Lardner
Paul LaMarre, III
Metroparks Toledo
US Army Corps of Engineers
Toledo Harbor Lighthouse Preservation Society

We want your help! 

We are are still sourcing “now” photos.  Are you a photographer, do you want to help with this project?  Please contact us at shipwreck@nmgl.org to see how we can best use your skills to complete our project.

This exhibit is made possible by visitors like you.  Please consider making a donation to the National Museum of the Great Lakes to help us continue our important work of preserving and making known the history of the Great Lakes.