Keep the fun going at home!

Thank you for joining us for Capt. Scupper’s Songfest! We hope you will join us again for our next event, but in the meantime, you can enjoy the songs at home with the songbook below.

Please print it, read it, and sing it with your children. This song book is a literacy teaching tool. While pointing under each word as you read it, the adult reader might read, “Row, row, row your _____,” pointing under “boat” silently. The child will read the word “boat,” giving you the opportunity to say, “great reading!” Children will benefit from watching you model careful reading behaviors. They will learn tracking print, one-to-one correspondence, and left-to-right directionality. Repeated reading will help them develop phonemic awareness, letter-sound correspondence, and sight word recognition. Not only can reading this songbook with your children help you to build a loving literacy foundation, but it will also create happy, loving memories.


ABOUT THIS PROGRAM’S SUPPORTER: This program is brought to you in part by Craig’s Keyboards. Since 1971, Craig’s Keyboards has been providing new and used pianos and digital pianos to private owners and institutions in Northwest Ohio. Thanks to the generosity of Craig’s Keyboards, the museum is able to continue Captain Scuppers Songfest’s early childhood literacy-base program, while working to make it more accessible.


ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Risa Beth Cohen is the Founder and Creative Director of Sing into Reading, where you can teach your child to read with music and love. She has been teaching Music and Movement to children since 1994. She holds an M.S.Ed. in Early Childhood/Elementary Education from Bank Street College. As a classroom teacher, Risa taught kindergarten and first grade in NYC public schools, where her classroom served as a lab site for Writing Workshop. Risa studied at The Reading and Writing Project at Teachers College, Columbia University, where she served on leadership groups. After discovering music and movement to be the “secret ingredient” to encouraging literacy, Risa taught Music/Literacy in NYC public schools. Then, after moving to Toledo, OH, she served West Side Montessori for ten years as the Music/Literacy Co-Curricular for 3 – 6 year-olds. Risa offers classes for children, parents, and educators, and is a sought-after speaker at edu-events of all sorts.