CHAMPLAIN Crashes into Fassett St. Bridge, April 5, 1957

Champlain Crashes into Fassett St. Bridge, April 5, 1957

On April 5, 1957, the Champlain was tied up at the old B&O railroad dock, where it had been wintering for the 1956/1957 season.  A horrendous  rain storm containing winds of over 30 miles per hour, with gusts almost twice that, broke all 12 mooring lines of the Champlain.  The vessel floated down river until it ran into the Fassett Street Bridge.  The damage was minimal to the Champlain but took out three spans of the bridge.  Two cars were on the bridge at the time, but they were able to get to safety.  The damage was reportedly over $500,000 dollars, and the bridge was finally torn down in 1960.  The Champlain was scrapped in Turkey in 1987.

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